​T Bar S Catahoulas

For your convenience we accept PayPal for deposits and also puppy purchases.  Please don't send a deposit without contacting us first.

Just a little bit of Catahoula humor.   Although they're not usually aggressive dogs they will protect their property and owners. 


Welcome to T Bar S Catahoulas.  We are a small kennel in Venice, Florida that specializes in Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs.  We believe that the Catahoula is the world's most versatile dog breed.  We breed dogs that will hunt, herd, track, trail, protect, tree, show and are also suitable to family and service work.  If you're interested in getting a pup from our kennel please contact us by phone, text or email.  We don't keep a waiting list for puppies and we are very reserved with our breeding program.   We generally choose a pair of dogs well in advance of the breeding and wait for the bitch to come into season before we'll have a breeding.  We will generally have one or two breedings a year and they're usually in the fall or winter as our summers are too hot for the dam and puppies.  We announce the pending breeding on our website then begin taking deposits once the pregnancy has been confirmed through ultrasound.   We try to accommodate anyone that's looking for a working dog before a pet home so we can make sure that our dogs are placed appropriately.  Please be prepared to answer questions about your lifestyle and activities and how you plan to work the puppy before we'll accept your deposit.

Tim:  941-232-6213
Sue:  941-232-6212
email:  houlabula@gmail.com ​

​Please feel free to text either phone.   Texts to Sue will probably be answered faster.

The Catahoula is a breed that will test even the most experienced owners. They are not for everyone and will prove it if they get bored.  Make sure you do your research and know what you're getting into before bringing that pretty blue eyed dog home.  The Catahoula will either be the best dog you ever had or the worst.  Make sure you're prepared for the commitment it will take to make it the best.