​T Bar S Catahoulas

Phantom waiting for his chance to go in the show ring in LA.

Gracie learning how to be tied out. 

Puppy Jake showing off his happy disposition.  

Jake in the show ring in Mississippi

Bizzy running Lure Coursing in FL

Puppies from our first litter.  Buster on the left, Cyrus in the middle and a female in the front and right.  This is a favorite picture of ours. 

​What we're about:

We began breeding Louisiana Catahoulas in 2005 and showing in 2006.  In that time we've learned a lot about Catahoulas and working dogs.  We've learned to wait till our pups are at least 5 weeks old before we chose them as an addition to our breeding and work program. We also wait until our pups are 5-6 weeks old before any picks are made.  We've also learned that coat  color and eye color do not make the dog.  We try to stay in contact with our pups new family.  Because of this we've been able to monitor our breeding program to get to the point we are now.  Our first litter produced dogs that were hot working dogs but some were dog and people aggressive.  Although the Catahoulas are known to be reserved we didn't like what we saw with that first litter.  Since then we've done our homework and done our best to produce dogs that are even tempered but with work drive.  Our second litter produced some very even tempered dogs with good drive.  From that litter we kept Mojo who produced two litters.

Phantom was from our third litter.  Phantom will bay and tree but is a certified service dog and prefers to work and be out in the public.  Phantom has produced five litters all with Lucy.  Lucy has been retired and  now enjoys her time as a farm dog.  Several of Lucy and Phantom's puppies have gone on to service work including half of his third litter.  

We kept Bizzy B from Lefty's last litter.  Bizzy is a very hot hog dog but won't bay a penned hog.  Because of that we haven't had success showing her on a penned hog and we've not taken her to any open bays.

We kept Flash, Otter and Gretchen from Mojo's first litter and they all proved to be sound working dogs with sweet temperaments.  Sadly we lost Otter a few days after his first Birthday to what we believe was a poisonous toad.  Flash has shown the most promise to be an all around dog from hogs and coons to service work.  He is the temperament that our breeding program is working toward. Gretchen will bay a hog but doesn't like to get too tight. 

We have bred Flash and Bizzy B twice and have produced outstanding litters.  We hope that the pups have the drive, conformation and temperament of their dam and sire and go on to represent our goal of always breeding up.  

We have also brought in females from other kennels to introduce new blood new our lines. Dixie was the first dog we brought in but she was never bred.  Lucy came to us from Montana and she's been bred to Phantom five times and has produced excellent pups.  Our most recent outside addition is Annie from Louisiana.  Annie comes from outstanding working and show lines and has a super friendly disposition.  

In 2015 we added Jake and Cheyenne from the Bizzy B/Topisaw's Mudflap breeding.   

Our most recent additions were Memphis, Gracie and Dexter in 2017.  They were from the breeding that occurred between El Dorado's Hollywood and Gretchen.  

Each addition to our kennel is made to enhance our breeding program and also the temperament and work drive of our dogs. 


Flash looking for a coon in the woods near our house.

Another favorite picture.  He was from a Phantom/Lucy litter.  

An always alert Bizzy B watching over the house.  

Tim and Sue with Gypsy and Bogey.  This was taken at BLT Catahoulas in Palm City, FL.  BLT retired and is no longer breeding or showing his dogs.