​T Bar S Catahoulas

​T Bar S's Buster

​T bar S’s Buster is from Gypsy’s first litter and is a cross between Florida Red Wolf’s Cajun Gypsy and Buck’s Kunan.  Buster was born on May 31, 2005 and was one of a litter of seven pups.  Of the seven pups we kept three.  Buster was the first we decided to keep because as a two week old puppy he crawled into Tim’s lap and settled in.  He still thinks he is a lap dog.

 Buster is a blue leopard with black and white trim.  He has one blue eye and one cracked blue/brown eye. 

 Buster was never bred because his hips didn’t meet our standards.  He was neutered as a three year old and has continued to hunt and patrol the property for anything he can bay.  He has also been shown in work events but does not have any places.

 Buster was named by Tim.  Tim is a huge George Strait fan and knew that George had a dog named Buster.  Tim chose to name Buster after his favorite country artist.

 Conformation wins:

    •    NALC LA 2006  3rd Place 9-12 Month Male
    •    NALC MS 2006  3rd Place 9-12 Never Sired NALC Litter
    •    NALC FL  2007  4th Place Never Sired NALC Litter
    •    NALC LA 2007 2nd Place Never Sired NALC Litter​