‚ÄčT Bar S Catahoulas

Gypsy came to us from Florida Red Wolf Catahoulas in Ft. Myers, Florida in October 2003.  She was our first registered Catahoula.  We were fortunate to get a well bred dog even though we didn't know the lines at the time.  

We began showing Gypsy in 2006, but  she never placed  in any classes.  Gypsy did not like the show ring and was difficult to show.  She would bay a hog and tree a coon but never got points in any shows.  She is one of the most stubborn dogs we've ever had and even though she had the grit to be a contender she never competed well.  

Gypsy was bred four times.  The first litter was sired by Buck's Kunan.  That litter produced some fine working dogs.  From it we kept Buster, Cyrus and Lefty.  Lefty is the only dog from that first litter that we bred.  All three of the pups won points for conformation but only Lefty scored points in working events.  We were new to showing and didn't really know how to work the dogs at show events.  

The second breeding was to BLT's Touche.  We kept Mojo from that litter.  Mojo was shown as a puppy but didn't seem to like the show ring.  We stopped showing her but still traveled with her.  Mojo was past her first birthday when she filled in a class to make it a major (12 dogs or more).  I wasn't really showing her as I didn't expect to place.   The longer we spent in the ring the more I noticed the judge watching us.  I began to put more effort into showing Mojo and she won the class and went on to be reserve in show female.  We continued to show Mojo after that and she retired as a show champion.  

The third breeding was to BLT's Black Jack.  We kept Phantom from that litter. At three months Phantom was baying a hog in an open pen.  We tried to show him as a hog dog but he stopped baying.  We did show him in conformation and he did very well placing in all but his very first class.   Phantom retired from showing as a quad grand champion of champions.  

Gypsy's fourth and final litter was with T Bar S's Ink Spot.  We did not plan this litter.  It was the result of the two dogs inadvertently being turned out together.  That litter produced three males and a female.  The males from that litter were all great dogs.  The female, T Bar S's T-Boo, had some aggression issues so we kept her to try to work them out.  We determined that she was not going to get better so we made the difficult decision to euthanize her.   

Gypsy is now spayed and is the queen of her castle.   Tim calls her the Grandma dog as most of our dogs share her lines.       

Florida Red Wolf's Cajun Gypsy