​T Bar S Catahoulas

CHSHCH T Bar S's Jake Brake

Jake loves to play in water.  He swims and slaps the water with his front paws then bites it as it splashes.  We call him Jake Jaws when he does this. 

T bar S's Jake Brake is a male that was born on January 23, 2015.  He was sired by GRCHHD-BCH Topisaw's Mudflap owned by The Wheats of Summit, MS.  Mudflap won Uncle Earl's hog dog trials in 2013, placed 6th in 2014, and placed 25 in 2015.  Mudflap has also won and placed at several smaller bays.  Jake's dam is GRCHSHCH SHCH CACH T bar S's Bizzy B.  Bizzy is an NALC grand champion conformation dog with OFA excellent hips.  She is one placement shy of being a UKC grand champion conformation dog and is also a lure coursing aptitude champion and was the nations #9 lure coursing Catahoula in 2014.

We named Jake staying with the sire's automotive theme of Mudflap.  A Jacob's Brake or Jake Brake is an exhaust brake used by large trucks.  They're loud and have been outlawed in several areas.  We liked Jake Brake as a name for this pup as he almost sounds possessed when he bays. 

Jake's first show was the 2015 NALC National show in Gonzales, LA in April, 2015.  Jake won his puppy class and was best in show puppy.   Jake seems to have taken after his sire and is very focused on hogs and coons starting with the first ones he saw.   

Jake is a dark leopard with one glass eye and one glass eye with a brown crack. Jake should darken as he gets older and with the glass eyes should be stunning.  Jake has the drive, temperament, and conformation to make him a total dog and one of our best.  

Jake's first event where he was eligible to place was in Texas 2015.  At 8 months he had two solid runs in B Bay.  He didn't place but he put points on the board for the end of the year totals. 

NALC  Conformation Wins:

  • ​NALC LA 2015 1st place male puppy
    • ​​Best in Show Puppy
  • NALC TX 2015​ 3rd place 6-9 month male​
  • ​NALC MS 2015 1st place 9-12 month male
    • ​Reserve in Show Male
  • ​NALC LA 2016 4th place Male (has not sired a litter)
  • NALC TX 2016 1st place Male (has not sired a litter)
    • ​​Best in Show Male
  • NALC LA 2017 1st place Male (has not sired a litter)
  • NALC National Show 2018 Champion of Show Champions