​T Bar S Catahoulas

Cyrus loved to chill out on top of his kennel. 

Throughout the years we've had many dogs.  Few have touched our hearts the way Bogey and Mojo have.  Bogey gave us our first glimpse of life with a Catahoula even though he was half Black Mouth Cur.  Bogey was "the best dog ever".   Bogey lived with us until we said goodbye when he was 14.  Flash is very much like him and has helped us fill the void.  

Mojo was from our second litter.  She was a little red and white she devil that was destined to go to South America.   We opted to decline the sale after a bad feeling about the buyer.  By that time she was almost three months old and had already had a firm hold on our hearts.  Mojo was the dog that makes the Catahoula the best or the worst.  She opened doors, drawers, cabinets and the fridge.  If you watched her you could almost see the wheels spinning.  If you completed a task she would watch what you did then try to mimic it.  She figured things out quickly and once a task was learned it wasn't forgotten.  She even learned how to open the doors that opened in.  It was impossible to secure her in a room.  She spent every night in bed with us, usually under the covers.  If we tried to kennel her at night she howl and carry on until we gave in.   In March of 2015 we noticed that she wasn't acting like herself.  It appeared that she had a sore back but when it didn't clear up by May we had her x-rayed.  The x-rays confirmed our worst fear.  There were tumors all along her spine.  We said goodbye to Mo on Mother's Day Eve 2015.  Our lives have not been the same since.


Lefty "stacked" showing her show form.  The white on her front left leg earned her the name, Lefty, as it was her only marking when she was a baby.

Cyrus and Lefty were dogs from our first litter with Gypsy and Kunan.  We lost Cyrus when he was two.  We lost Lefty when she was 9.  Both dogs left a lasting impact on us and are missed.  Lefty left her legacy with Bizzy B, and now with us through Jake, Cheyenne and Backdraft.