​T Bar S Catahoulas

​Flash shows his love of treeing either solo or with a partner.  He's also very tolerant of younger dogs and is a willing training partner.  

Gretchen and friends bay "Suzie" the hog.  

Bizzy B, Gypsy and Bogey bay a small sow that came into our pasture.   Bizzy stayed with this sow so long that we had to carry her to a water trough to cool her off. The sow wandered back into the woods unharmed.

BackDraft, a Bizzy B/Flashover puppy, started baying a penned hog at 9 months.  Her true aptitude leans toward herding.  We don't have cows so she'll probably be moved to a working cattle ranch so she can reach her full potential. 

​Jake will bay a penned hog but prefers to be face to face.  Jake has been shown at NALC bays with the penned hog but because he won't call out and he usually disqualifies. 

Buster and Cyrus, two dogs from our first litter, treeing their first coon.   ​

Flash spends most of his time as a service dog.  He is still a working Catahoula and needs to exercise his natural instincts to hunt.   Flash will bay a hog but he prefers to tree coons and has run in the NALC top ten in 2015 and 2016.