Bizzy B and Jake are our two best bay dogs.  Jake is out of a cross between Bizzy B and GRCHHD-HDB Topisaw's Mudflap.  Mudflap won at Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials and also at several other open bays.  Bizzy was a natural bay dog but never got the opportunity to compete in open bays.  She would not bay a penned hog so she never placed in an NALC event.  Bizzy has lost her vision and is now retired and living her life out as a house dog.  We hope that Jake is just getting started and that he and Annie will have the same chemistry he has with Bizzy.

Florida Red Wolf's Cajun Gypsy and T Bar S's Buster are our two oldest dogs.  This video was recorded in spring 2016 and it's still obvious that they've got game.  There's no way we'd take them on a hunt or put them in a competition but we let them out to bay a penned hog so that they can still do what they love to do.  Both of these dogs had the potential to win in the bay pen but we didn't have the experience to get them where they needed to be.  

The red and white bitch is Monaghan's Annie Oakley.  Annie comes from Denham Springs, LA and is out of Champion working stock.  She hasn't had the opportunities we'd like for her but know that she has the potential to be a top bay dog.  We may run her with Jake in future open bays.    The black male is DBLCHSHCH T Bar S's Flashover

This boar came into our pasture one morning and Bizzy winded it from the house and pushed through a gate to get to it.  She bayed it in the pasture for over 30 minutes then followed it into the woods and was gone for another hour. Lucky for us she came home unharmed as this was the same hog that hooked a neighbor's dog.  She came out of that ok also thanks to a fatty tumor that blocked the tooth from gutting her.  The Boar was killed a few weeks after this video was taken.  He was about 220 pounds with 2 inch cutters. 

Flash will bay a hog but he loves to tree a coon.  Flash has run in the NALC top ten in 2015 and 2016 and we hope he continues in 2017.

Jake started on a penned hog when he was about 6 months old.  He would bay the hog but became frustrated quickly when he couldn't get face to face with the hog.  Jake will still bay a penned hog but when he gets bored he bites the cage which has cost him most of his bottom teeth.   Jake has been run in treeing competitions but has the same issues with the tree.  Once the coon is in the tree and out of touch he gets bored and starts looking for a way to get into the tree or find something else to bay.  Because of this we don't enter Jake in treeing competitions.  

Jake loves to get  into water that's chest deep then splash with his front feet and bite the water.  We keep stock tanks for our dogs in the summer so they have a place to cool off.  If they can't get to a stock tank they won't hesitate to cool off in the horses's water troughs. 

‚ÄčT Bar S Catahoulas